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  • Studio Reconfig

    Studio Reconfig

    Let this be a peek at where the magic happens. You can get a session in the lab with me – click the link for more info.

  • OTTOSAF Shop

    OTTOSAF Shop

    The OTTOSAF shop is open for business! Who fancies a unique decorative piece that spells out Decoration?

  • IGSIFY Shop

    IGSIFY Shop

    The IGSIFY shop is now full of good stuff. Graphic designs that were developed over the last 10 years are now available for browsing (and purchase, if you are so inclined).

  • NewmanX reboot

    NewmanX reboot

    It is the 21st of July, 2021. NewmanX had been around since 2012. Over the years there had been multiple upgrades: of brand identity, of the website, of the services on offer, of business processes and of applied technology. It got to the point where the different streams of activity may benefit from their own […]