NewmanX is a design studio that goes above and beyond for You, The Client.

Whether you have a sketch, a prototype or a product sample, working with NewmanX will help you by creating professionally crafted communication assets.

The range of solutions include product photography, print ready layouts, web ads, or a website.

As a marketplace of ideas, the web is a densely crammed and highly competitive space. A premium investment in communicating your value proposition will help you to stay a step ahead.

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Clients include designers, artists, and small businesses who need high quality promotional material.

Here are a few reasons why you should have confidence in NewmanX:

  • Offering a wide range of integrated capabilities
  • Serving clients since 2012
  • Multidisciplinary experience and qualifications
  • Connected to a network of creatives and more than happy to refer you to other specialists
  • Responsive, transparent and friendly


NewmanX is based at Square One Studios in Alexandria, Sydney.


Projects are prioritised based on client needs and availability.

Typical projects are short term engagements with timely turnarounds.


Everything at NewmanX is made with or inspired by open source tools and big data platforms, especially Linux and Google. These are the workflow tools:

  • SOFTWARE: Blender (3D, animation, video, motion graphics), Darktable (photography), GIMP (retouching), Inkscape (vectors), Ardour, FontForge, Musescore, Google Web Designer GWD, Ubuntu Desktop
  • CLOUD: Google Cloud Platform hosting available (LAMP web servers w Ubuntu image)
  • HTML/CSS: Customised website design with Google MDL/MDCw responsive frameworks, GWD HTML5 keyframed animation
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Nikon D800, studio setup for tabletop photography


Service Description Output
  • Products
  • Sculptures
  • 2D media / Paintings / Prints
  • Nikon D800 RAW files
  • Processing required
Image Editing
  • RAW Development, Corrections (contrast curves, color adjustment, spot removal, crop, keystone)
  • Format export: resize, file type, batch processing
  • JPG files at 100% quality
  • Ready to use or for further processing
  • Pixel perfect corrections (w spacial and depth context)
  • Deep etch background removal (w feather for Depth of Field)
  • Creative retouching, basic and 3D rendered shadows/reflections, composition
  • JPG or PNG files
  • Ready to use
Graphic Design
  • Line Art
  • Render 2D / 3D
  • Motion Graphics
  • Intro
  • Short video clips
  • Print layout / Brochure / Poster / eBook
  • Typography / Font Design / Custom Font file
  • JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF, TTF files
  • Ready to use
  • Website Design / Responsive Design
  • Blogger / WordPress CMS support
  • Digital setup / Google Cloud Platform hosting, Domain setup, Google Analytics setup
  • Social setup across social media platforms
  • Updates and revisions / for social / for ad banners
  • Monitor and report / search, analytics, social
  • Content strategy (checklist)
  • .HTML, .CSS files
  • .MP4, .GIF video files
  • Bespoke and ready to use content
Package Description PRICE
Art Documentation
    This is an ideal package for an artist documenting a recent collection of works or an exhibition.

  • Flat media / Paintings / Sculptures
  • Studio / Gallery shoot
Brand Identity
    This is an ideal starter package for a new business venture. Includes essential promotional collateral.

  • Initial workshop consultation
  • Photography and Image Editing for essential images, JPGs
  • Logo, resizable, based on client idea or drawing, SVGs
  • Product information sheet, A4, print ready, PDFs
  • Landing page with temporary website hosting, HTMLs
  • Consultation for up to 2 minor design revisions
Hourly Rate 1
  • High priority deadline / real time
Hourly Rate 2
  • Flexible deadline
  • High resolution Stock image from Series 1 2 3 4 5 6
    (rate is per image, includes 1 custom edit)
    Firstly, this section deals with an OPTIONAL EXTRA and is covered by the Standard License, but if you are interested in IP then please read on.

    In general Intelectual Property (IP) is a class of asset ownership that is associated with such things as photographs, graphic art, and recordings, also know as Works. Ownership typically starts as belonging to the person who created them. In everyday life, the Internet is full of such Works, most of which are essentially provided free to enjoy. However, in the case of commercial Works, the Client may opt to secure the IP. This is typically done with a formal agreement, in writing, on terms such as Licensing, Rights, or Work for Hire.

    IP Terms and Rates:

  • Standard License: FREE (Refer to FAQ)
  • LICENSE Agreement: The Licensor grants to the Licensee a License to Use a provided valuable Resource, that is a Work in a bespoke or specific version; The Work may be a collection of objects as necessary to be a Work. The Resource is provided as Royalty free to the Licensee for a specified purpose, or Use; The Use is for enjoyment (without replication) or for promotion (with replication), but not as property where one would expect a Royalty or Rights; The License granted is non-exclusive, and the Licensor may grant further Licenses to the Resource; The fee for the License is the Licensor STOCK price, unless otherwise agreed.
  • RIGHTS Agreement: The Creator, Works originator, Rights holder and Vendor agrees to grant Full Rights to a specific Work, for a fee; The fee will be based on the commercial value of the Work (via an acceptable comparable competitor price), or THREE TIMES (3x) the invoiced value of Development, whichever is highest.
  • WORK FOR HIRE Agreement: The Work For Hire agreement gives possession, ownership and Rights of all material including intermediate files and final Works to the client, and is calculated as: an upfront retainer fee of $1000 per agreed discrete project to secure timeline commitment, plus progress payments based on Hourly Rate 1 payable at normal payroll cycles, plus performance bonuses payable at project milestones; All work is to be done on client premises and client equipment.
FAQ Answers
What exactly do I get or should expect?
  • The Method -- All services are customised to your needs. You just tell me what you need (a Brief). Alternatively we can Workshop your project, where I work with you side by side until you are happy with the results. I am happy to discuss your ideas, walk through the process, and get to the final result with confidence.
  • Work Time -- You are essentially paying for my time, work and skills to produce any deliverable items. Photography and design in general are time consuming activities.
  • Files -- Finished files/works for client use, via download / USB stick (eg. .jpg .pdf .html .mp4). Uploads may require client login/assistance (eg. website uploads). I am happy to advise about printing or production as needed.
  • Standard License -- License FOR YOU to use, for works commissioned for commercial/promotional purposes (the creator has copyright and license choice). License FOR ME to use, for works commissioned for personal/family/weddings photography (clienthas copyright where work is commissioned for non commercial / non promotional use). ALL OTHER intellectual property issues are to be agreed to in writing before any work starts as this effects the outcome and the value of the work.
    Note that I typically release my final works via the CC0 license (Public Domain equivalent) which will appear in file meta tags by default. If in doubt then please ask me, as all contracts are subject to agreement between the parties involved. For general guidance in this area refer to artslaw.com.au
Anything else?
  • All work is guaranteed, of course!
  • Cash / Bank Transfer / Paypal are acceptable, per your Invoice [ Domestic Bank Transfer details -- Name: Bob Newman , Account: BSB 012340 , Acc 375263093 , Bank: ANZ ]
  • Payment per Invoice terms as agreed applies to commercial/promotional work, else in advance.
  • A DRAFT Invoice or QUOTE may be prepared and sent to the client for approval before any work begins (especially for new clients). Please check your invoice, confirming what work is to be done, linked terms, and any other details to be agreed on. The terms showing on this page at the time of your invoice apply unless otherwise stated and agreed to in writing.
  • As a photographer / artist / creative I depend on being able to show my work to promote myself. My work and development is very time consuming. If our prject appears to be invoiced at below market value than that's because I am contributing to it in kind. I reserve the right to use any of my work for self promotion or any other reasonable re-use unless otherwise agreed to in advance before any work begins. Restrictions made by the client must be reflected by a premium (price).
  • The client is responsible for delivery and timely collection of artworks/objects/samples as applicable. Maximum care and diligence is always taken for ensuring the safety and security of all delivered objects, however the client remains responsible for all items throughout the process and absolves me and internal parties for any damage or losses. The client can request to be present throughout the process. Note that I operate from a secure access controlled facility that you are welcome to scrutinize, so you can rest assured that your articles will be kept safe until collection.
  • Any other services / work for hire / deliverables are subject to bespoke agreements.
  • The contents of this page can change anytime without notice.
  • ABN 53108138308 . telephone +61414700664 . mobile 0414700664 . notnewman.com . newmanx.com